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During the past six months we have established a new laboratory in Ribe where our Danish department is situated. Now we have completed and started to use the lab which is to great joy especially for our R&D / Biotechnology Engineer Louise and our Chemical and Biotechnology Engineer Harold.


"The lab is a huge step in the direction of the innovative approach of MUTAG for wastewater treatment. Now we are even better prepared to support our customers with qualified counselling, feedback, and analytical work. It is an investment in being able to supply the best customized solutions", CEO Jesper Brix says.


Product development

The lab is equipped with the newest gear for various water tests and analysis. “We are excited about it. It will contribute to the ongoing test and quality assurance of our products. Moreover, we are going to use it to optimize and develop our fantastic Mutag BioChipTM and Mutag EcoChipTM to be even more efficient and specialized for specific water types and for the different demands for biological water treatment. Right now, we are also focusing on developing an even more sustainable and environment friendly chip by ensuring no production waste” Louise says.


Beside the continuing development of the Mutag BioChipTM, MUTAG will now be able to perform custom specialized tests. From this it will be possible to test different techniques for water treatment on the customer specific wastewater samples and thereby ensure the most optimum solution to obtain the exact demands for the clean water.


The first project in the lab will be our newly started EUDP project “Underwater biological treatment facility for industrial wastewater”, in cooperation with DTU Sustain and DTU Offshore, where we will redesign the Mutag BioChipTM for use under high salinity and high pressure.