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Mutag BioChip™

Mutag BioChip™

The Mutag BioChip™ is a high-performance biofilm carrier for MBBR/IFAS applications.

It was developed in 2008 based on experience from large-scale application of different biofilm carrier types, and it is being manufactured at our company-owned production facility.

The outstanding quality of the material as well as the high-tech structure of the surface and the fine pore system, are only a few of the many benefits you can gain from this media.


At MUTAG, engineering support and service is an important part of our unique total concept.

MUTAG started out as an engineering company within wastewater treatment plants for various applications. To this day, engineering is still an important part of the business, and together with our leading product for sustainable wastewater treatment; the Mutag BioChipTM, we both offer partial and complete solutions for biological wastewater treatment.

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The MBBR Technology (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) was implemented by the MUTAG Team in large-scale plants, more than 20 years ago, using different types of biofilm carriers.

From the experience gained in those large-scale applications, with different biofilm carrier types on the market, the Mutag BioChip™ was finally developed at MUTAG and has since been further enhanced to the high-quality product it is today!

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The unique design, the low density, the long service life and high effiency make the Mutag BioChip™ a sustainable carrier medium.

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A high quality and consideration of the environment is the foundation of all we do at MUTAG and how we think every day. We have new and the most modern production facilities inhouse, which ensures high and consistent quality, and all our employees take efforts in ensuring that our products meet our high quality and environmental requirements.

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MUTAG possesses a considerable process data pool resulting from a vast number of pilot trials and from the operation of numerous implemented large-scale plants operated with the Mutag BioChip™.

Based on this data, MUTAG is able to provide you with basic design calculations, information on additionally required equipment (e.g. aeration and carrier media retention system), competent technical support as well as commissioning and after-sales service no matter if it is about MBBR, IFAS or Anammox process.

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MUTAG is your engineering partner from quote to aftermarket service

We are with you through the whole process