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Terms of use

1. Acceptance

This website is provided by Multi Umwelttechnologie AG.Multi Umwelttechnologie AG appreciates your interest in its products and services and your visit to this web site. By using the site or downloading information and programs from the site you agree and accept these Terms and Conditions of Use.

2. Purpose of this Web Site, Grants

The contents of this web site are for information purposes only and do not under any circumstances constitute a commercial offer, a licence, or any binding contractual relationship nor does it constitute an offer to enter into a company relationship.Subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, Multi Umwelttechnologie AG grants you a non-exclusive, right to access, use and display this site and the information and programs thereon. Multi Umwelttechnologie AG authorises you to view and download the information contained in this web site only for your personal or your company's use. This authorisation is not a transfer of title in the information and programs and is subject to the following restrictions: I) on all copies of the information and programs downloaded you must ensure the copyright status of Multi Umwelttechnologie AG is maintained in addition to all other proprietary notices contained in the information and programs; and II) you may not modify the information and programs in any way or reproduce or publicly display, perform, or distribute or otherwise use them for any public or commercial purpose.

3. Intellectual Property

This site, including all information and programs, is protected by worldwide Intellectual Property laws. You agree to comply with all such laws worldwide in your use of this site and to prevent any unauthorised copying of the information and programs. Except as expressly provided herein, Multi Umwelttechnologie AG does not grant any expressed or implied right to you under any patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secret information.

4. Links to Third-Party-Web-Sites

As a convenience to you, Multi Umwelttechnologie AG may provide, on this site, links to web sites operated by other entities. If you use these sites, you will leave this site. If you decide to visit any linked site, you do so at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to take all protective measures to guard against viruses or other destructive elements. Multi Umwelttechnologie AG makes no warranty or representation regarding any linked web sites or the information appearing thereon or any of the products or services described thereon. Links do not imply that Multi Umwelttechnologie AG or this site, sponsors, endorses, is affiliated or associated with, or is authorised to use any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol displayed in or accessible through the links, or that any linked site is authorised to use any trademark, trade name, logo or copyright symbol of Multi Umwelttechnologie AG or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.

You may not create on any web site a link to any page of Multi Umwelttechnologie AG web site or of any affiliate or subsidiary of Multi Umwelttechnologie AG without our prior written confirmation that you are allowed to do this.

5. Forward-Looking Statements

This site may contain forward-looking statements based on beliefs of the management of Multi Umwelttechnologie AG. Such statements expressed by terms as e.g. "believe", "estimate", "expect" "intend" etc.are subject to risks and uncertainties and Multi Umwelttechnologie AG disclaims any intention or obligation to update such forward-looking statements.

6. Warranty and Liability

The information and programs may contain inaccuracies and typing errors. Multi Umwelttechnologie AG does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information and programs or the reliability of any information displayed on this site. You acknowledge that any reliance on any such information shall be at your own risk. Multi Umwelttechnologie AG reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to correct any errors or omissions in the site.

This site, the information and programs on the site, are provided "as is" without any representation or warranty, expressed or implied, of any kind, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, or fitness for any particular purpose. If a jurisdiction does not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, so the above exclusions may not apply.

Under no circumstances shall Multi Umwelttechnologie AG or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other damage (including, without limitation, any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of information or programs or other data) that are related to the use of, or the inability to use, the content, information and programs, and functions of the site or any linked web site, even if Multi Umwelttechnologie AG is expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

Any liability arising from culpable acts or omissions is limited to intent and gross negligence as far as permitted.


7. Privacy Policy - Cookies

By this reference our privacy policy is incorporated in these Terms and Conditions of Use. It describes the type of information collected when you visit our site and how that information is used. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

8. Information provided to us

By providing any information to Multi Umwelttechnologie AG, you grant to Multi Umwelttechnologie AG an unrestricted, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, display, publicly perform, transmit and distribute such information and programs, and you further agree that Multi Umwelttechnologie AG is free to use any ideas, concepts or know-how that you or persons acting on your behalf provide to Multi Umwelttechnologie AG. From time to time some information may be deleted from the Multi Umwelttechnologie AG - systems in our sole discretion. Concerning personal data provided to us you agree that we are allowed to use them according to our Privacy Policy. (see under 7.)

9. Changes

Multi Umwelttechnologie AG reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any part of these Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy in whole or in part or to restrict your access to parts or all of the site at any time. Your continued use of the site will be considered acceptance of those changes.

Multi Umwelttechnologie AG may at any time without notice terminate the authorisation, rights and license given above and may make any change to the site, the information and programs and the products, programs, services or prices (if any) described in the site.

10. Choice of Law and Enforceability

This site is controlled, operated and administered by Multi Umwelttechnologie AG (MUTAG) in Germany. Like the general conditions of use, it is governed by German legislation, which takes precedence in the event of possible conflicts. The place of jurisdiction is Chemnitz as far as permissible. If for any reason the provisions of this website or German law does not apply, in case of doubt, the law must be applied to the maximum extent permissible in favor of MUTAG, so that the intention of these general terms of use is complied with, while the remaining conditions remain in full force and retain their validity. Insofar as claims are asserted due to possible legal violations, these must be reported to MUTAG in written form and given the opportunity to remedy these out of court within a reasonable period of time.

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