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COD Removal

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Mutag BioChip 30™

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ANAMMOX Mutag Biochip TM


Nitrification Mutag Biochip TM

COD removal



COD removal and denitrification Mutag Biochip TM


Besides the classic COD removal and nitrification process, the application know-how was complemented with the denitrification and the ANAMMOX process.

Denitrification Mutag Biochip TM

ANAMMOX Mutag Biochip TM

Long-term studies with the Mutag BioChip™ carrier media have reliably shown that planctomycetes can permanently settle in the protected pore structure of this carrier and are hence prevented from being flushed out of the reaction system.

One of the pre-requisites for a high space-time-yield is that the bacteria can settle in protected areas where they can reproduce while the substrate transfer through diffusion into deeper biofilm layers is ensured.

ANAMMOX bacteria, detected on the Mutag BioChip™ by microscope

Mutag BioChip TM ANAMMOX bacteries


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The Mutag BioChip™ is used in the following applications:

  • Compact / containerized treatment plants
  • Municipal / domestic sewage treatment (COD removal, nitrification, ANAMMOX)
  • Pulp & paper industry
  • Coke oven plants, steel industry
  • Fish-farming, aquaculture, koi carp ponds, swimming ponds
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Food & beverage industry, slaughterhouses
  • Centrate water treatment (ANAMMOX)
  • Chemical effluent treatment, textile factories