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Earlier this year our CEO Jesper Brix and International Key Account Manager Christian Börner were in England to visit several municipal sites. The trip was organized by our great partner FLI Water, which for many years has serviced and delivered sustainable, complex, and efficient MBBR systems with great success to the municipal sector. We visited plants installed within the past six years.

All installations shared the sustainable fact, that they run with great efficiency and low energy consumption. We were proud to hear from the operators at the facilities, that they were satisfied and that everything works flawlessly 🙏
When we took samples from all plants, we could state that the Mutag BioChips™ had no signs of tear and wear. All chips were like new ones and operated at full capacity and highest performance 👌💪
A huge thanks to our friends and the whole team at FLI Water for a great trip 👍