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Summer greetings from MUTAG

Summer is here, and what a perfect occasion to send you all a greeting from me and my good colleagues in the German City of Chemnitz.

At MUTAG we are happy to see that many projects, which has been on hold due to Covid-19, are beginning to start up again and that funds are released to initiate new ones. This means that the wheels are getting back in motion within the Biological Wastewater Treatment sector. This is fantastic!

Throughout the last couple of months, we have focused on expanding our production capacity and strengthening our core business. This means we have become even better equipped and capable of delivering our innovative and sustainable solutions. I am proud of this, but also proud of my skilled employees, who contribute to this development every single day.

I would like to highlight our Engineering Team, which makes a fantastic contribution to MUTAG being your preferred partner in creating the full package and supplying the unique complete solution, and not “just” the BioChips.

They provide professional support and advice to our customers right from the first contact, including planning, construction and supply of full design proposals and calculation of the optimal solution for YOUR needs as well as assistance during commissioning to complete the package. They offer our unique After Sales Service, which ensures that our customers won’t be left alone after the supply of our Mutag BioChip 30TM. In this way we make sure to follow up and help adjusting the solution, which provides an optimal functioning system at all times. Our engineering service is an important part of our total concept and supports our goal of being sustainable and minimizing global CO2-emissions.


We are happy to announce that we are working on developing a containerized mobile pilot system for large projects. In practice, the mobile treatment plant will be transported to the customer/site to test the solution with the relevant type of wastewater, which gives them the opportunity to compare and determine the best solution before deciding and investing. We are very excited about this new possibility and look forward to informing you more in detail later this year.

As the IFAT trade fair has been postponed the last couple of times, we have decided to join the Aquatech Amsterdam trade fair in November 2021. We look forward to meeting our customers, business relations and partners again, and hope that many of you will come by our stand to say "Hello".

Our office is open all summer, so please feel free to contact us if we can be of any assistance.