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Mutag EcoChipTM - for biological water and wastewater treatment

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our new sustainable product; Mutag EcoChipTM.  

Mutag EcoChip™ has been developed during the past year and is a sustainable and environmentfriendly product. It is made from PE post industrial material from our production such as surplus or cuts, which is being granuled in our own production facilities.

High quality and performance
Mutag EcoChip™ possesses the exactly same design, quality and performance as our original
product Mutag BioChip™. However the Mutag EcoChip™ is a more eco-friendly product. Both because of the recycled raw material, our focus on zero waste, our use of the newest technology and our production that runs on green energy from wind turbines. All things are part of our strategy to become carbon-neutral.

Mutag EcoChip™ is completely free from phthalates and other plasticizers. It does not contain any questionable compounds which may be harmful to the environment. Furthermore, it does not emit microplastics.

At MUTAG we are very proud to offer our own company’s first sustainable product which we developed exclusively for the biological water treatment market. Just like for our other products we provide a 10-year product warranty.