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MUTAG and DTU are awarded funds for a big development project

A consortium consisting of MUTAG, DTU Sustain, LYNDDAHL and DTU Offshore, has just been awarded DKK 4.7 million from EUDP for an interesting development project that will run over the next 3 years. Together, the parties will develop a solution to reduce the discharge of oil, chemicals and other substances from process water from oil and gas production at the North Sea, which are harmful to the marine environment.

For the project, MUTAG will supply our well-known and recognized solutions with the Mutag BioChipTM for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater. Specifically, a medium-scale demonstration model of a biological treatment plant to be placed on the seabed is being developed.

Through the project, the known MBBR technology (Moving Bed Bioreactor) will be adapted for use underwater, whereby the increased pressure on the seabed will increase the efficiency of the MBBR technology so that the size of the system can be reduced. And by placing the reactor on the seabed, it will be possible to use MBBR to purify water from existing oil and gas production platforms with limited space and weight capacity.

The specific project will contribute to new knowledge, and a positive synergy and learning effect, so that potentially it can be used in other industries and segments.

The project starts on October 1, 2022.