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As you might have heard, we successfully introduced the Mutag EcoChip™ as our new sustainable product, made from our own post-production material. It was revealed to the global market at this year’s IFAT trade fair in Munich.
You might also be aware of, that one of the predecessors of our new product, the Mutag BioFlakes™, has also been available for some years. This alternative carrier media solution to our core product “Mutag BioChip™" was manufactured from regranulated PE material, coming from different sources like plastic bottles.
Since MUTAG completely turned its company philosophy to a green mindset with highly-sustainable solutions, the time has come to say “goodbye” to our Mutag BioFlakes™ product. With this being said, we would like to announce that we will officially cease the production of this product as of the 1st of October 2022 and have already cleared our stock of the old material.
We are very happy to have an even more sustainable product now with our Mutag EcoChip™, looking into a green future.