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Quality & environment

The quality of Mutag BioChip™ is checked ongoing during the production process. We control all parameters including pore structure and quality, the shape and density of the material. The structure of the surface and the pore system, are also regularly examined by an external accredited institute for physical nanostructures. 

Constant development

Our biologists and engineers are constantly developing the product and researching new biofilm technologies for energy efficient, microbial degradation of pollutants, that can make Mutag BioChip™ even more efficient. 

Environment, Carbon foorprint and SDGs

The Mutag BioChip™ is completely free from phthalates or other plasticizers and does not contain any questionable compounds which may be harmful to the environment. We work with serious partners and suppliers and demand the highest quality from all our suppliers and that we always seek to improve our carbon footprint and look for improvements also taking the environment into consideration.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals - UN 17 World Goals – especially no. 6, clean water.

The high performance and many advantages of the Mutag BioChip™, as well as the high and strong quality of the material, has been proven in more than 800 applications all over the world.