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Our engineering team consists of skilled engineers and biologists with extensive knowledge and experience. The team provides help with existing and new projects including planning, sizing, hydraulic calculations, feasibility studies, equipment selection, basic and detail design, energy analysis and technical questions.

At MUTAG it is important to us, to cooperate closely with our clients in order to carry out projects to their complete satisfaction. We prefer to partner up from the beginning, by supporting with our advice during planning and construction and by the end to offer our unique after sales service, monitoring and supporting that our customer are not left alone after the supply of chips, but that we are all responsible together for the system to be optimal functioning. Therefore, our engineering team is always available for support and counseling right from the initial dialogue and identification of need to project-specific concerns. You may not notice, but through close collaboration with the Sales Department you might have already benefitted from the Engineering Department’s advice!

If you are interested in MUTAG’s extended engineering services, please try us out and feel free to give us a challenge!